Back in June last year, Billy Steere and his fiancée Honey Lindo were getting hitched at Portsmouth Museum. But long after the dust has settled on their wedding celebrations, a rural community in South West Uganda continues to toast their nuptials… in clean water.

Instead of a wedding list, matching kitchen appliance sets or even a contribution to the honeymoon, Billy and Honey asked their wedding guests for cash donations towards the work of the Southsea based charity they support, No More Durty Water.

Friends and family attending the wedding raised the amazing sum of £1200, enough to bore an entire well and install a protected spring in the village of Kahororo in the district of Rukungiri in Uganda. The well was finished in December 2016 and the above images show the site as it progressed from breaking ground to the villagers gathering to collect water for the first time.
DJ Billy said about the day:

“I was amazed and delighted by the generosity of the guests at our wedding day. Honey and I never imagined we could raise enough for an entire well. We’ve supported the work of No More Durty Water for many years and we’re so glad to be able to make a difference. It makes the day even more special for us and our family”.

No More Durty Water believes that clean water is a basic human right and the generosity shown by Billy, Honey and their friends and families will bring positive change to many aspects of life in Kahororo for years to come. Health, welfare, economic activity and education all benefit from a plentiful supply of the essential element that we all take for granted, clean water.

No More Durty Water is proud to partner with The Bridge of Hope Children’s Ministry, which provides the surveying and construction expertise and contractors necessary to deliver our projects to budget in remote areas of Uganda, where many people struggle to get access to water for cooking, washing and agriculture.

Billy and Honey’s wedding day gifts paid for the first of several wells in Uganda the charity has commissioned from fundraising activities in 2015-16. Communities and lives can be transformed for as little as £1200 – £1500 and No More Durty Water will be releasing further details of clean water projects after many fundraising events, including those given in honour of charity founder Paul Keeler who died in 2015. A new website will be launched in spring 2017 with details of how to get involved in the charity and full information on future projects.

For more details email Anthony Spence, Chairman of the Trustees, No More Durty Water

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