No More Durty Water

Clean water is a basic human right

Get Involved

We Want You.

Brothers & Sisters we want more you, to get involved with No More Durty Water.

We need to reach out to as many people as possible if we are really going to make a difference. Currently our events attract about 400 to 500 party people, however we need to create bigger events, and raise our profile. NOW! Every penny counts, and can be the difference between life and death for our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

With the global recession hitting hard, we can’t expect people to donate money which they don’t have. However people still need to go out and have a good time. Hence the need to create fantastic events, that are bigger and better each time for people come out and party. Their donation is just buying a ticket.

What can I do?

  • Run a Festival – Get the DURTY POP UP VENUE onboard.
  • Manage a venue – Let us put an event on for free.
  • Deejays – with a loyal following get involved.
  • Bands – with a big fan base get involved.
  • Organisations – Provide your services for free and/or sponsor our events.
  • Promoters – offer to do a co-event with us.


By getting involved with us we guarantee all money raised goes to our current charities – Bridge of Hope Children’s Ministry & Calcutta Rescue. Not some big charity where the money gets eaten up by running costs, and wages. This website and any administration costs comes out of our own pockets. At our last fundraiser the only money we used was towards the flyers, the other half was picked up by a sponsor.

All we ask is for you to donate your time and name for one event that would really make a difference to someones life.

We want to put a big party together in 2014 with like-minded djs & bands, who always guarantee a fantastic turn out. Lets raise the profile of ‘No More Durty Water’ to raise tens of thousands instead of thousands. Join forces with the Durty Sound System, a collective of artists, djs, and musicians today!!!


One thought on “Get Involved

  1. Dear sir /Madam,

    I have been working as a project engineer for Energy sector since decade and right now Living at NaviMumbai. Today morning met with your Volunteer Ms.Lila at Vishakapatnam Railway station reservation counter.

    I am happy to know about your sincere efforts towards the mainstream life resource of human survival/Water.

    Plz. let me know if is there any assistance required from financial capital city of mumbai

    With regards

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