What a wonderful year for No More Durty Water. We have raised enough money to buy and install 2 rainwater harvesters, and a protected water spring, Rukungiri, West Uganda. Plus we now have another money for another protected, which the Bridge Of Hope Children’s Ministry will be looking for another location in January.

A big thank you to everyone who donated and attended the events. We have met some wonderful people.

This would not been possible without the contribution of the following people and organisations. Barbara & Geoff, Bridge of Hope Children’s Ministry, Shelley Bond & the CamperJam team, Ally & Dave Beach Buggin, Ali and everyone at Amakuru Vdub, Little Johnny Russells, The Kings Pub, Grapevine, Kassassin Street, Carmen Rosa, Gaz & Booth, Dan Clarke, Tristan Savage, Mark James, Damon Sirena, Dj Spence, Jim Shaw, Micah Stafford, Steve Laming, Ms Mono, Bexie Williams, Gary Samways, Aimee Newman, Macer Brown, Bionic Bill, & Durty 45 Bus, Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you all.