What a wonderful year for No More Durty Water. We have raised enough money to buy and install 2 rainwater harvesters, and a protected water spring,¬†Rukungiri, West Uganda. Plus we now have another money for another protected, which the Bridge Of Hope Children’s Ministry will be looking for another location in January.

A big thank you to everyone who donated and attended the events. We have met some wonderful people.

This would not been¬†possible without the contribution of the following people and organisations. Barbara & Geoff, Bridge of Hope Children’s Ministry, Shelley Bond & the CamperJam team, Ally & Dave Beach Buggin, Ali and everyone at Amakuru Vdub, Little Johnny Russells, The Kings Pub, Grapevine, Kassassin Street, Carmen Rosa, Gaz & Booth, Dan Clarke, Tristan Savage, Mark James, Damon Sirena, Dj Spence, Jim Shaw, Micah Stafford, Steve Laming, Ms Mono, Bexie Williams, Gary Samways, Aimee Newman, Macer Brown, Bionic Bill, & Durty 45 Bus,¬†Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you all.