A Ground Breaking Ceremony  took place in Uganda on the 1st December 2010. Members of the BOHCM Team in Uganda, the local community and some of the children we support came together to celebrate this historic day.

This is the beginning of the building work planned for the first two bungalows in the Children’s Village and will provide a family style home to 24 orphaned or abandoned children. The bungalows will include Rainwater Harvesters, The money raised from No More Durty Water  will provide Rainwater Harvesters for  one the bungalows to providing fresh clean water to the village and the surrounding areas.

This project could not have been made without financial support, fund-raising activities and hard work. This illustrates  what is attainable through nonviolent direct action.

A round of applause for Barbara, Geoff and everyone at Bridge of Hope Children’s Ministry, for giving us the opportunity, to get involved. We are now up and running, looking forward to getting out teeth into the 2011 campaign. Starting with a Rainwater Harvester for the 2nd bungalow.

If you would like to make a donation please visit http://www.bohcm.org.