The Rainwater Harvesters for the two children’s bungalows are going to be two 5,ooo litre tanks. We were originally going to have 10,000 litre ones (photo above) which is at the local school. However the price as nearly doubled. People are beginning to see the value of storing and using rain water. After some research the 5,000 litre tanks will be more than adequate for each bungalow. The cost of purchasing and installing them is £1,100 per unit Total £2,200.

We already raised £1,500 towards two 5,000 litre rainwater harvesters for the 2 children’s bungalows. We need another £700 to complete and install the two tanks.

The Rain Water Harvesters will collect the rain water from the roofs of the bungalows. The bungalows were designed with gutters which link to a pipe that runs the water to the tanks. As rain fall can be heavy in Uganda during certain months this is a good way to use the natural resources.

The Children’s bungalows are coming along nicely, with good reports as to the quality of the work. Plus employment for local people in the construction. As you can see the Bridge Of Hope Children’s Ministry have been working hard for this project.

We are feeling quite excited by the fact that our first major project is coming together. This will inspire us to go on to do many more special projects in the near future.