No More Durty Water

Clean water is a basic human right

CamperJam & Durty 45 Bus

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We would like to thank our friends at Durty Sound System for taking their Durty 45 Bus to CamperJam.

They were there playing 45s in the food & drink field. Raised some cash, sold some t shirts, and spread the word about No More Durty Water.

A big thank you to everyone at Camper Jam.

Check out the bus via Durty Sound System. Anyone who would like any ‘viva durty 45 bus’ t-shirts designed by Tristan Savage. Online sales coming soon.

There next stop is V-Dub island on the Isle of Wight in August.

The money from these events will go on a water project we are doing with the Bridge Of Hope Children’s Ministry in Uganda.


One thought on “CamperJam & Durty 45 Bus

  1. you were amazing…danced in the mud ,sung in the rain…=fantastic…oh and i love my t shirt from george lol…..would love to see you in the tent next year as ive put in my comment to camperjam too ..cheers

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