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Demanding Attention from Uganda’s New Politicians

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James Kiyimba works for Water Aid Uganda and is organising massive World Walks for Water events there at a crucial time, as Uganda has just had elections . So the time is right to make sure those newly elected politicians stand by their promises to get sanitation and water for all of their citizens…

In Uganda, the World Walks for Water (WWFW) campaign has come at a time(March 19 -22) when the newly elected President, Parliamentary representatives and District Local Government Council leaders for the next five years are yet to be sworn in to office.
The campaign offers  a golden opportunity to engage and influence these fresh politicians to prioritize water and sanitation for all at all levels. It is also a great chance to have them re-affirm the promises that they made while searching for votes. In the near future, citizens will be able to hold their leaders to account not only for what they promised, but also for what they fail to do.
Check out The world walks for water to continue reading this article.

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